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Please dont ask me to live as part of a FamilyI am quite happy to live in a townhouse complex as long as I get adequate exerciseIm a wash and go kind of guyI love to learn and Im easy to trainPlease do not ask me to mix with other breeds of dogsI only need moderate exerciseSmall (1-9kg)

Character, special skills and training.

Stout, quite hardy, bold and very lively. Fairly independent, courageuos, proud and strong willed. The Chihuahua is very attached to his owner, even possessive. Not very good with children. Quite vocal and sometimes aggressive towards strangers, he makes a good watchdog. He needs firm training.


 He is an apartment doh who needs daily walks.He is sensitiveto the cold. His eyes needs regular attention abd hie teeth should be checked regularly for tartar build-up. He needs regular brushing.
Function. Guard dog. Companion dog.

Source. The Royal Canin Dog Encyclopaedia

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